When it comes to HVAC, information is everything. If you understand what can go wrong with Northern Kentucky air conditioners, you can quickly identify problems, schedule AC repairs and avoid lengthy and uncomfortable disruptions in indoor comfort. Here are five ways your AC system will tell you when it needs help:

1. Water Issues

If the AC condensate drain line gets stopped up, water can back up into your unit and cause damage. Water can also overflow and create puddles around your indoor unit. Depending on the location of the drain line, you might also get ceiling leaks and drywall damage. If a leak develops behind the walls near any wiring, it could cause an electrical fire. Air conditioning maintenance greatly reduces the odds of a condensate drain line clog.

2. Noise Issues

Many air conditioners get noisy gradually over time as they age. However, if your unit suddenly starts banging, clanking, grinding, buzzing, or knocking, there’s a problem somewhere. Banging and clanking can indicate loose, broken or unbalanced parts. Humming and buzzing can signal an electrical problem. Squealing usually means that the fan or blower motor has a problem. Routine air conditioning maintenance includes checking for worn parts so you can replace them before they break.

3. Indoor Air Quality Problems

The more tightly you seal your Florence, Kentucky, home, the more it will be at risk for polluted indoor air, especially with a poorly-maintained cooling system. There may be nasty smells coming from your air ducts or bad odors emanating from a clogged and smelly condensate drain pan. Ductwork can be an attractive hiding place for bacteria, dust mites, pests, viruses and other tiny particles that trigger allergies and cause illness. Regular maintenance keeps your cooling system clean inside so that microbes can’t colonize, multiply and fill your indoor air with allergens .

4. Energy Efficiency Issues

AC tuneups remove the dirty buildup that has accumulated on your system over the previous year. If that layer of grit isn’t cleaned off, it will force the unit to work doubly hard, and that creates unnecessarily high utility bills. Besides dirty buildup, high utility bills can be caused by dirty air filters, ductwork obstructions, reduced air flow and poor maintenance. Annual maintenance ensures that your air conditioner will be free of blockages so that cool air can flow freely through the system.

5. Poor Air Conditioning Maintenance Issues

Air conditioners can last anywhere from five to 25 years. In almost all cases, the lifespan of an air conditioner is determined by the quality and frequency of AC maintenance that the unit receives. With spotty, irregular or poor maintenance, your air conditioner can fail at five or seven years old. In the process of failing, an air conditioner will lose efficiency, energy bills will drain your wallet and indoor comfort will diminish. Maintenance is what gives your AC a long life and helps to keep it in a like-new condition. When annual maintenance is performed in early spring, your air conditioner will get everything it needs to perform properly during the warm season to come.

The easiest way to avoid air conditioner problems is with preventive maintenance. Not only will it help your cooling system to enjoy a long and healthy life, but it will also keep your equipment warranties in good standing. A maintenance plan with The Furnace Doctor can keep your equipment in tiptop condition, minimize the need for AC repairs and ensure that you never miss annual AC service. Our tuneups are specially designed to minimize air conditioner problems, maximize indoor comfort and keep your life running smoothly. To learn more about our tuneups and service plans, visit us online or give us a call at (859) 652-4817.