Here in Kentucky, we depend on climate control for much of the year. It’s obvious that getting a more efficient furnace or air conditioner can cut your utility costs, but you may not realize that your thermostat plays an equally important role. Upgrading to a Nexia smart thermostat may be just the thing you need for better control, lower utility bills and improved comfort.

Remote Access With Smart Thermostats

Unlike a traditional thermostat, a smart thermostat allows you to set the target temperature in your home remotely. By adjusting your heating and cooling on the fly while you’re away from home, you can minimize wasted energy without sacrificing comfort. If you’re coming home early, a signal from your smartphone will tell your smart thermostat to turn your air conditioner on in time for your arrival. If you’re going to be out late, you can likewise use your smart thermostat to keep the AC off until you get home.

Smart thermostats along with zoning even allow you to make adjustments to different rooms in your house while you’re home; turn on the AC downstairs before you start your morning routine, and your kitchen will be cool and ready for you by the time you start breakfast.

Better Information, Fewer Worries

Smart thermostat technology can give you up-to-date information on your home’s energy usage, giving you the tools you need to cut your utility bills by adjusting usage. Some of these control systems can even learn your daily routine or track your GPS to make adjustments automatically, ensuring that you will always have optimal comfort without wasting energy.

A smart thermostat is an investment in your home, but it’s well worth the effort. Take your home and your HVAC systems into the twenty-first century. To learn more about Nexia smart thermostats and find out what they can do for your home, check out our smart thermostat page or give us a call at (859) 652-4817.